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  Friends of Bass Lake

Learning, educating, advocating


The Friends of Bass Lake is a 501 c3 non-profit Lakes Association. Our mission is to partner with government and community stakeholders to raise awareness and provide advocacy regarding issues and actions leading to the restoration of Bass Lake as an urban wetland.

Our grant money comes to us via the Minnehaha Creek Watershed Stewardship Fund. The money was given to us to, "encourage and support initiatives to protect water quality...including water monitoring, stormwater demo projects, educational exhibits, public outreach, community clean-up, and leadership programs."

Our legal authority comes via the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) legally recognizing public education programs including actions that citizens take to offer input into the process and reduce pollution in the discharge of stormwater.

Local authority is detailed in the City of SLP Stormwater Monitoring Recommendations prepared in 2010 by University of Minnesota Thompson Center for Environmental Management, MPCA, SLP engineering staff, and City Council:

"SLP will be a model of environmental stewardship by providing residents and future generations with educational tools and sustainable practices to foster a community of ecologically conscious and engaged citizens."

Board of Directors:

    Scott Carpenter (President)

    Nancy Rose

    John Snyder (Treasurer)

    Susan Sackrison

    Frank Steck

    Kari Haeger

    Paul Adelmann


    Jen Kader (Freshwater Society)


Membership is open to all and especially encouraged for those living in the Bass Lake watershed. Annual dues are $25. Please send us a note from the contact tab.